In order to join OKCupid you will need eitehr an email address or a facebook account. Joining by facebook is probably the easiest way but creasting an OKCupid profile using your email address is jsut as easy.

To get started on OKCupid, navigate to the homepage and click the join OKC now button.

okcupid join

After you click the Join OKCupid button, a new screen will appear where you can choose to register for OKC using your Facebook account of email. If you choose to join using Facebook, you will need to be signed in to your Facebook account.

OKCupid will connect to Facebook and perform whatever internet magic they need to grab some of your info to create your profile.

To register for the dating site using your email, type in your email address and click next.

Now you need to set up a password.

okcupid password

Make your password safe and secure, but also something you will remember. Your password needs to be at least 6 characters long.

After you decide on a password, you will start the process of letting the OKCupid online dating community know a bit about yourself.

The first question is your first name. Having a first name in a dating profile can allow users to sorta know you, without really knowing you.

After you fill out your name, OKC will ask if you are a man or a woman.

Next, fill out your real date of birth. This will help OKCupid find someone that is compatible for you.

Once you have completed the following steps,  you will be asked to enter the country and postal code you live in. This helps to match you with local singles in your area.

okcupid location

Now it is time to let OKCupid know who you are looking for!

Who Are You Looking To Meet On OKCupid

This is where the fun begins. Imagine the perfect person designed specifically for you. As you register your account be sure to fill out as much information about your ideal partner that you can.

The first thing OKC will ask you in reference to who you are looking for is the type of dating situation you seek. This can be anything from friends, hookup, long term or short term dating.

You can select multiple answers in this section.

who are you looking for on okcupid

Select the dating situation you desire and click next.

The nest section is they type of gender you are willing to connect with, men or women. You can click one or both if you desire.

After you choose the gender you are interested in meeting on OKC, you need to select an age range.

okcupid age range

Now that you have selected the age range of people on OKCupid you want to connect with, it is time to upload photos.

Great Tip For Adding Dating Profile Photos

When adding photos to a dating site, try showing a variation. Have some close up face photos that are clear and accurate. Skip the Instagram filters or other photo enhancement tools. Be the real you.

Also add some photos that show your body type. Also try to avoid photos that do not really show you. For example a picture of you wearing a motorcycle helmet may not work well unless you are trying to court Darth Vader.

Now that you have uploaded the perfect photos to attract a potential mate, you need to tell OKCupid a bit about yourself so they can help you find a match.

This covers the typical “About Me” to some special top secret match making questions OKCupid will present to perform behind the scene matchmaking.

Be as accurate and honest as you can during this process.

Some of these questions might seem a bit silly at first, but rest assured, OKCupid has a method to their madness (we think?).